The SFO- Solar System Formation and Observation Conference will be held in Bern from 21-23 October  this year for the first time. It is a project that is mainly organized by a group of PhD students at the Space Research and Planetary Sciences department of the University of Bern. The project received financial support from the International Space Science Institute (ISSI), where the event will take place.

With this conference, the organizers would like to adress PhD students, their supervisors as well as junior and senior scientists. The goal, especially concerning the younger researchers, is for the participants to obtain a chance to present their work to other scientists, and in turn learn what other scientists in their research field are working on. It is expected that the participants will be mainly from the field of space science and related fields, like for example astrobiology, cosmochemistry, astronomy or space instrumentation.

Five speakers are invited, who will each open a session by giving a review talk on their field of specialty.

The sessions are divided in the following way:
- Interaction of Terrestrial and Outer planets with the space plasma (Stas Barabash, Nicolas André)
- Atmospheres of terrestrial planets (Helmut Lammer)
- Small bodies in the Solar System (Michael A’Hearn)
- Planetary Surfaces (Alfred McEwen)

The sessions will be completed by presentations from the participants. Therefore the organizers would like to encourage PhD students and young researchers to register and submit abstracts to use this chance of presenting their work on a small conference with a mixed audience, where direct  feedback and lively discussions are more likely.

Informations about the program, venue, registration and abstract submission, chair persons and contact can be found on